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FAQ A Title

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Step 1 — Design

  • Select Size (Two bed or Three bed)
  • Select Layout (C, Z, L)
  • Select Finishes/Color (Interior and Exterior)
  • Select Quantity

Step 2 — Deposit

  • Contact HiFAB to complete the order form
  • Connect with HiFAB preferred lenders ready to work with you
  • 10% deposit to reserve place in line, increase to 50% deposit when loan secured

Step 3 — Dream

  • Once a 50% deposit is received, now it’s time to dream of where your HiFAB home will reside (“Build Site”)
  • Email your survey of where HiFAB will place the foundation prior to delivery
  • You should only need to retrieve the following local government approvals:
    • To allow HiFAB to install foundation on Build Site
    • To allow you to bring utilities to Build Site

Step 4 — Deliver

  • Track on the HiFAB website where your home “sits” on the factory floor
  • HiFAB will arrive at Build Site days prior to delivery of home in order to pour foundation and to prepare for connections
  • Day of delivery HiFAB will “Crane Set” your home and tie into the connections and apply exterior final touches…all within 7 days or less.


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